Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Recommendations Regarding Reopening

Please read: Reopening our Houses of Worship – A Health Ministry Response

 Refer to our Denominational Resources page for more denomination specific information.

Below please find resources and recommendations to support and promote the health of our faith communities.

» 8 Questions Your Church Needs to Ask Before Reopening – by Kent Annan. How to approach reopening your church wisely and faithfully.

» HHS Partnership Center – Reopening Guidance Currently Available by State

» Lewis Center for Church Leadership – Two different resources 1) Finding Our New Normal and 2) Why Reopening a Church is Different

» Facts & Trends – 9 Concerns Pastors Have about their Church Gathering Again

» Presbyterian Association of Musicians – Church Music and COVID 19 A Response from the Presbyterian Association of Musicians

» Out Here Hope Remains is the personal blogspace of John Dobbs. Read his May 20, 2020 post The Coming Pastoral Crash

» CDC Interim Guidance for Communities of Faith