Leadership Circle

Thank you for your commitment to the Faith Health Movement…

People are the heart of The Health Ministries Association, Inc., beginning with the HMA Lifetime Members. These dedicated leaders, rooted in the concepts of faith, health and healing, have made this organization work by sharing their time, expertise and resources to support the health ministries movement. Together, these outstanding leaders have added to the strength of HMA and its capacity to serve our members with excellence.

It is with gratitude, we recognize our LIFETIME MEMBERS, whose wisdom and guidance have created a solid foundation for this organization, truly a ‘circle of leadership’. These members include Faith Community Nurses, Health Ministers, Program Leaders and Spiritual Leaders; all committed to furthering the movement of Faith Community Nursing and Health Ministries.

*Denotes in memoriam.

Nicki Ayer, NE
Amy Armanious, PA
Barbara Baylor, DC
Sharon Becker, OH
Connie Bonner, FL
Joseph Bozzelli, KY
Alyson Breisch, NC
MaryBeth T. Buschmann, IL
Sally Camp, VA
Katora P. Campbell, TN
David Carlson, MN
Cynthia Carroll, CA
Mary Chase-Ziolek, IL
Rita Chow, VA
Jennifer Correa-Knoulton, TX
Bonnie Condon, IL
Susan B. Day, CO
Vincent DeMarco, MD
Marion DePuit, CA
Rev. Dr. Thomas Droege*
Lynn Faria, CT
Marlene Feagan, KY
Susan Fontaine, FL
Pat Fosarelli, MD
Jan Erlenbaugh Gaddis, IN
Marcus Gaut, LA
Connie Gewirtz, IL
Mary Gibson, OH
Margaret Grayden, CA
Marilyn D. Harris, PA
Marie Hill, AZ
Dr. David Hilton, M.D.*
Sharon T Hinton, TX
Courtney Holmes, CT
Candace Huber, FL
Carol Jaeger, OH
Donna Kremer, GA
Ann Marie Labin, MD
Raeda Mansour, Bethlehem, Palestine
Peggy Matteson, RI
Karen MacDonald, AZ
James Mullen, OK
Sister Rebecca Nolan, PA
Linda Pape, OH
Rick Parker, KY
Kirsten Peachey, IL
Lois Peacock, CA
Dorothy Phelps, MN
Shari Prestemon, MN
Thomas Pruski, MD
Nancy Rago Durbin, IL
Sharon Regan, MA
Ronnette L Sailors, NE
Maria Schaart, VA
Craig R. Schneider, OH
Kathy Schoonover-Shoffner, KS
Norma Small, PA*
Sharon Stanton, AZ
Mary Ann Stone, OH*
Carol Story, WA
Susan Taylor, CA
Dorothy Wagner, CA
Sheila Webb, LA
Jill Westberg-McNamara, WI
Sharon A. White, CA
June Wilkerson, CA
Joan L Wood, GA