What is HMA?

A convergence of health promotion and religious beliefs.

The Health Ministries Association (HMA) encourages, supports and empowers leaders who integrate faith with the promotion of health and wholeness in local communities.

Our membership is made up of health ministers, faith community nurses, clergy, chaplains, faculty, and program leaders who have developed and provide health ministries in diverse faith communities. . . . read more . . .



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Health Ministries Association — People of Faith Working Together for Healthier Communities.


Statement acknowledges harms to nurses of color, outlines actions for change. This is an early release of an article that will appear in the August 2022 issue of American Nurse Journal titled “This is a journey.” Read more.

The American Nurses Association (ANA) is dismayed by the 6-3 ruling of the U.S. Supreme Court in Dobbs v, Jackson Women’s Health which has overturned the longstanding and significant precedent of Roe v. Wade. The Dobbs ruling removes the right of all women to access high-quality health care and make personal decisions about their sexual and reproductive health care. In doing so, it potentially paves the way for laws that will fundamentally come between patients and health care professionals, including nurses, who must be guided by ethical obligations to their patients and the profession.   Read more.

Yesterday in Uvalde, Texas, at least 19 children and two teachers lost their lives when a gunman entered an elementary school and opened fire. Two weeks ago, grandparents and family members were gunned down while grocery shopping in Buffalo, New York. These are only two of the latest instances of innocent lives lost to senseless gun violence in such a short span of time.

“Our hearts ache tremendously for the loved ones and the communities left behind in the wake of these heinous acts of violence,” said American Nurses Association President Ernest J. Grant, PhD, RN, FAAN. “The loss of young lives and the trauma of those who witnessed the carnage and survived will remain with them forever. Their lives will never be the same. There simply are no words. Burying a child is the most unnatural and horrific act that no parent should ever have to experience in their lifetime.”  Read more.

A jury convicted former Vanderbilt University Medical Center nurse RaDonda Vaught of reckless homicide and impaired adult abuse after she mistakenly administered the wrong medication that killed a patient in 2017.

Click the links to read more about this story: American Nurses Association (ANA) and Tennessee Nurses Association (TNA)


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The HMA Faith Community Nursing Scope and Standards of Practice Revision, 2023 is currently underway with committee selection for the work group now in process.

The initial work group members are:

  • Nancy Romanchek
  • Denise Viker
  • Cari Moodie
  • Julie Ruchniewicz
  • Amy Armanious

The initial work group members have been meeting since March for strategic planning and to review ANA and HMA policies to ensure adherence to workgroup constituency compliance considerations.

Interviews are currently being scheduled for selection of additional work group participants, who are active HMA members with at least 2 years of membership, to complete the work group committee formation. Next steps include compiling the signed agreement forms from selected new work group participants.

Respectfully submitted,

Nancy Romanchek, MPH, BSN, RN, CHPN

Muslim Faith Community Nurse

Thank you HMA Board Member, Vanessa Burks County for this insightful article on “Seasons of Recognition”. Read it here – HMA Blk Hist Seasons 2-1-22

Faith Community Nurses Statement regarding Faith Communities and Faith Community Nurses (FCN) answering the call to serve our communities during the global COVID-19 Pandemic

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President’s Message May 2022

New Year, New Commitment Denise Viker, BSN, RN - President of Health Ministries Association Board of Directors There is so much [...]

HMA Announcements

The ANA has released the data from the National Commission to Address Racism in Nursing survey, National Nursing Survey Understanding Racism in Nursing. ANA encourages us to amplify the announcement of these findings. HMA has already begun work on this critical issue, with our Zoominars and Racial Healing Circles. We will continue to use this data in all of our efforts focused on the crucial issue of racism in nursing. 

With the release of a formal racial reckoning statement, ANA kicks off a journey of accountability, healing, and reconciliation. This overdue action signals a multiphase journey involving acknowledging past harms, apologizing, and seeking forgiveness from ethnically minoritized and indigenous nurses, which includes ethnic-nursing minority organizations. It is our hope that this work will begin to strengthen who we are as a professional association and the broader nursing profession through inclusion, diversity, and equity as we strive for antiracist nursing practices and environments.

ANA OFFICIAL RECKONING STATEMENT: www.nursingworld.org/RacialReckoningStatement

AMPLIFICATION TOOLKIT: Nursingworld.org Toolkit

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