HMA 2014 Annual Meeting and Conference

Transforming Lives in Faith Communities and Beyond

ANCC Announcement

ANCC Announcement

The 25th Anniversary Conference was one with a mission. The planning committee started out with a desire to create a place where

inspired and compassionate faith-health leaders could come together, share ideas and leave motivated to keep it going. It was the intent of the committee to form an experience that put new ideas, new stories, new faces and new opportunities in front of the attendees.

Without a doubt, HMA members love face-to-face time with each other. Our time for gathering, fellowship, networking and just being in the presence of those committed to the faith-health movement was invigorating. Attendees also felt a theological connection, a spirit of deepening their faith as they learned a lot of resourceful ways to enhance their ministries. This concentrated time of intentional learning, listening and exchanging ideas was very productive. An environment was created where attendees enjoyed themselves and truly thrived.

The 2014 planning committee’s goal was to produce the most inspired conference they could. At the conclusion of our 25th Anniversary Annual Meeting and Conference, attendees left with a boost to their drive for this ministry and a motivation to take their innovative thinking to a new level. Mission accomplished!

It has been an inspiring journey since our time together in Hyattsville. It has also been a busy, creative and productive time for The Health Ministries Association. How do I know all of this has been going on? For the past six weeks I have been talking with you, our HMA members. Many of you have contacted me to “get involved, “serve”, “help”, “propel HMA forward” and “volunteer”. A robust list of volunteers was generated at the conference and we will complete our contact with each of those individuals soon. Committees are being formed; individuals are coming into leadership positions; ideas are being generated; programs are being developed. When people are excited and willing to do whatever needs to be done, it will be the difference that takes HMA further than we are today.

I am so excited for HMA and its’ membership. I believe that the investment and commitment from so many leaders to this volunteer organization over the past 25 years is the reason for this energy. Many can underestimate how much time and effort, discipline and perseverance is required for great achievements. Responses like this from you, our members, bring joy and continued inspiration to this organization.

Looking to 2015 the excitement continues! In the last six weeks, the biggest question coming both to me and the office has been: “When and where do we get together again”? We have been working hard to plan our 2015 HMA Conference. I am very pleased to announce our dates and location:

Health Ministries AssociationLe Meridien Restaurant Rendering - emailable
2015 Annual Meeting and Conference
Aug. 31, Sept. 1 & 2, 2015
Le Meridian Hotel
New Orleans, LA

This beautiful hotel is located adjacent to the French Quarter, within walking distance to many attractions and easy access to the streetcar lines. This property is undergoing a complete renovation and will re-open this December. We are excited to be at this spectacular location, with incredible amenities and we have negotiated an attendee room rate of $129.00 per night. I know this will be a true destination location for the 2015 conference site. Additional information will be shared as it becomes available.

I know that the attendees at the 2015 HMA Conference in New Orleans will have a memorable experience. HMA plans to build upon this year’s conference by creating an environment for innovation, along with a faith filled experience that lights a fire in your heart for this ministry. Make sure that this HMA conference is in your 2015 planning calendar and join us in the Crescent City next September.

Marlene Feagan

HMA 2013 Annual Meeting and Conference

Marlene Feagan, HMA President2013ConfGroup

As many of us gathered in South Lake Tahoe in June, we were in one of the most beautiful areas of our country. The mountains and lake views were spectacular! The only thing that surpassed the great beauty that surrounded us, was the gathering of those truly committed to the ministry of the faith and health movement. The attendees of the Health Ministries Association’s 24th Annual Meeting and Conference were met with excellent presenters, stellar educational content and the opportunity to network with leaders from across the nation. As Faith Community Nurses, Health Ministers and Spiritual Leaders came together to share models and trends in practice, each constituency was blessed by the presence of the others. All were enriched by the partnerships formed to work together and bring the essence of health ministries to our faith communities, communities-at-large and our nation.

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Each year HMA conference participants experience much more than good content, they also are share their stories and vision for their practices. These exchanges are what make the HMA conference experience unique. It is in that sharing that members are energized and renewed to return to their ministries excited and invigorated. They realize that when it comes to serving others, the work is ultimately an accumulation of all of us working together, sharing our successes and making a difference. The wonderful poster presentations were a perfect example of this approach. Accomplished programs were shared helping others to take good ideas back to their community able to tailor the concepts to fit their unique needs.

I want to say a big THANK YOU to all who worked so hard on this conference planning committee and to the chair, Marion DePuit. Planning a conference is always a daunting task, and this is carried out by volunteers who dedicate an enormous amount of time and talent to each year’s event. All with the purpose to bring you, the HMA member, the best and most current topics to enhance your professional practice. The 2013 Conference Committee along with incredible support from area members truly excelled at providing a stellar conference.

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HMA 2012 Annual Meeting and Conference

Alyson Breisch, Conference Chair

The 2012 HMA Annual Meeting and Conference was held at Scarritt-Bennett Center in Nashville, TN, June 3-5. The theme Faith Communities: Claiming a Pivotal Role in Healthcare, focused on exemplary models of health ministry and exploring the role of health ministries in the healthcare continuum locally, regionally and nationally.

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A large number of first-time attendees were welcomed by members returning for another time to gather with friends made through years of participation in HMA. The conference opened with the presentation of two awards: The Wilkerson-Droege Award given to Ameldia Brown and the Westberg Leadership in Faith Community Nursing Award given to Mary Ann Stone. Their families also attended this celebration. Congratulations to both of these exemplary women!

Eighty conference attendees also attended the Pre-Conference: Caring Presence: Listening to the Stories of the Soul, which included theological reflection, transformational conversations and use of prayers and rituals. Additional time on Monday, June 4th was available for religious text study and walking a labyrinth on the grounds of the retreat center.

Lisa Carr, Associate Director at the HHS Partnership Center, spoke on engaging government, community and faith-based organizations in promoting health and wellness. Sue Polis, who manages the advocacy outreach program of the Trust for America’s Health, spoke on new opportunities for faith community leaders to engage in health, prevention and wellness. Panelists highlighted national trends and innovative programs that support these initiatives. The 160 participants had opportunities to attend workshops, discuss design methods and outcomes with poster presenters and contribute to round table discussions focusing on their health ministry roles, denominations and regions of the country.

The Annual Meeting of HMA was held on Monday June 4th. The current state of the organization was presented and new officers were installed. It was announced that next year’s conference will be held at South Lake Tahoe, California, June 10-12, 2013. A call was made for participants in Nashville to submit suggestions for the theme of the 2013 conference. Members were also invited to list their interest for participating on several HMA committees. A planning committee for next year’s Annual Conference will be forming soon. Watch the website for announcements about the theme for 2013. You may want to suggest a speaker for a workshop or submit a proposal to display a poster. As the theme from this year’s conference emphasized, HMA calls on health ministers, faith community nurses and spiritual leaders to advocate, empower, validate and lead. We look forward to you joining us in the faith-health movement!