Norma Small Outstanding Coordinator Leadership Award

Recognizing a distinguished Health Ministries Coordinator, HMA Member, who directs a regional network or program within a health system.  The nominee demonstrates a resourcefulness to implement change through significant innovative teaching strategies which respond to diverse needs within faith communities and health systems.  This award was established in 2018 to be given in honor and memory of Norma Small, PhD, RN.

Nomination Form

*Nominations for 2018 are closed.

Awards Criteria

  • A pro-active leader responsive to the health care needs of faith communities and the community at large.
  • Demonstrates resourcefulness and a creative approach to implement change and ongoing transformation while working with health ministry networks.
  • Recognized for leadership skills when engaging faith community members, health care ministry team members and health care professionals in conceptually transforming whole-person approaches within health care.
  • Demonstrates leadership as an HMA Member in good standing.
  • If a nurse, membership in the American Nurses Association (ANA) preferred but not required.
  • Advances health ministry knowledge through coordinating documentation and data retrieval among health ministry networks.
  • Demonstrates professional competency and leadership through participative ongoing education.