HMA Distinguished Faith Community Health Leader Award

Honoring an exemplary Lay Health Ministry Leader, HMA membership preferred, (but not required), who demonstrates effective leadership and collaboration by leading an effective congregation-based whole-person health program. (Consider clergy, denominational leader, congregation health minister). This award was established in 2018.

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Awards Criteria

  • Demonstrates positive image of integration of faith values and health ministry.
  • Encourages development and effective use of HMA Health Ministry Guidelines.
  • Demonstrates compassionate ministry when caring and advocating for appropriate and safe health and wellness care of individuals, families, faith community members and members of community at large.
  • Is an HMA member in good standing.
  • Demonstrates leadership in community organizations.
  • Demonstrates whole-person health awareness through ongoing education and seminars.
  • Recognized as a whole-person faith health advocate and witness to community quality of life.

Rev. Karen MacDonald, M.Div – 2021 HMA Distinguished Faith Community Health Award

Rev. Karen MacDonald has been a caring and highly effective leader of Health Ministries in her local, regional and national community for many years. She has been a member of the Health Ministries Association since 2007, first serving on the Board as Director for Spiritual Leadership. More recently, she has generously served several terms as President of HMA, guiding the organization through the establishment of an expanded administrative structure with the addition of an Executive Director.

Rev. MacDonald is an ordained minister and she has more than 30+ years of experience in wholistic pastoral care with individuals and families. She is also a spiritual counselor with hospice, providing compassionate listening and spiritual guidance to help make the experience of dying a sacred part of living.

Many of us know Rev. MacDonald as a highly effective communicator of spiritual care through her regular letters as President and spiritual guide in the HMA Newsletters. She has a very gentle and compassionate manner of expressing our joy and celebration, needs and struggles, sadness and frustration, always bringing an enduring message of hope and possibility through the movement of the Spirit in our lives. Many people may try to remember to use words and messages that honor the traditions of all faiths, but for Rev. MacDonald, it is something that seems more innate and part of all she does. She has nurtured our spiritual seeking and helped us see the sacred in all that we do.