Executive Director’s Message – June 2021

by Julie Ruchniewicz, BSN, RN, Executive Director for HMA Spring has two things in common, spring cleaning and Nurses Week. The ritual of spring cleaning has been traced back to the Iranian Nowruz (the Persian new year) which falls on the first day of spring. It is traditional to clean the house thoroughly either right [...]

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Reflections . . .

Reflections on Race and Health Matters Zoominars - Racism and Health Matters: Do you See What I See? Part I - January 26, 2021 ♦ Part II  - April 26, 2021   GREETINGS, HMA MEMBERS AND FRIENDS These are challenging times. Our faith is being tested. We are called on to be more Christ-like, to [...]

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Guest Blog

What is it like to be a Muslim Faith Community Nurse in a Mosque Community? by guest Blogger  Nancy Romanchek BSN, RN, CHPN, MPH My favorite description of Islam is as a clear, racing river which flows through many countries, taking on the color of the stones beneath the surface as it goes. Being a [...]

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HMA Zoominar: May 19, 2021

Join the Zoominar! With James Tate Wednesday, May 19, 2021 at 4:00 CST 5:00 EST   James Tate III is a Health Minister, Author and Holistic Wellness Practitioner.  “Did you know that the human body is a multi million dollar machine? If you were in possession of a million dollar car, what kind of fuel [...]

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HMA Zoominar: May 5, 2021

A Declaration of our INTERDEPENDENCE – Covid-19’s IMPACT on Substance Use and Mental Health With Pastor Greg Delaney Wednesday, May 5, 2021 at 4:00 CST 5:00 EST Join us for the Zoominar presentation “A Declaration of our INTERDEPENDENCE – Covid-19’s IMPACT on Substance Use and Mental Health." Presented by Pastor Greg Delaney, the Community Engagement [...]

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April 2021 is a Month of Power!

By Guest Blogger Rev. Kirsten Peachey Vice President, Faith Outreach, Mission and Spiritual Care Many religious traditions celebrate holy days this month, so around the world people are being fed by the teachings and practices of their spiritual traditions that call us to live more deeply, love more boldly, and connect more intentionally to the [...]

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Meet Our Director for Health Ministry and Spiritual Leadership

Two Roles One Director Vanessa E. Burks County, MSW HMA Director for Health Ministry and Spiritual Leadership As a new member of the HMA Board, I am taking on two directorship roles over Health Ministry and Spiritual Leadership. I have been employed by Baptist Community Ministries in New Orleans, Louisiana, for almost 21 years. With [...]

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Executive Director’s Message – April 2021

What will your Legacy be? Recently, our Treasurer, Deborah Dixson, shared a devotion in a meeting. In her message, she mentioned leaving behind values rather than valuables. I was so touched by that thought; it was one I had not heard before. So, to my daughter, I leave my sense of positivity, love, and resiliency. [...]

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HMA Zoominar: April 26, 2021

HMA Zoominar: Racism and Health Matters: Do you See What I See? Zoominar #2 R.U.A.A REMEMBERING, UNDERSTANDING, ANALYZING AND APPLYING RACISM AND UNCONSCIOUS BIAS AS A SERIOUS HEALTH ISSUE Our first Zoominar on unconscious bias was our introduction, as we remembered our experiences of race. Our second Zoominar will be a deeper dive into understanding [...]

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President’s Message March 2021

Survey Said . . .  Denise Viker, BSN, RN - President of Health Ministries Association Board of Directors At the beginning of last summer, the executive committee of HMA surveyed our membership with the goal of finding out what people wanted from the association. We were three months into the COVID-19 pandemic, we had postponed our [...]

President’s Message March 20212021-03-10T10:43:13-05:00
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