President’s Message July 2020

PIECES OF PEACE In these confusing, painful, anxious times… a few nuggets of peace to nourish the faith, joy, and beauty within…. Peace, Shalom, Sala’am, Rev. Karen MacDonald, M.Div. President, Health Ministries Association May the Creator give you eyes to see the new creation springing forth— May Christ give you ears to hear the laughter of [...]

President’s Message July 20202020-08-21T09:29:22-04:00

HMA Wants to Serve You Better!

Hi to all, I hope this note finds you and your families healthy and safe. We are most certainly living in uncertain times and need the expertise of health ministers now more than ever. Our roles will be vital to the healing of body, mind and spirit, going forward. We may feel vulnerable in a [...]

HMA Wants to Serve You Better!2020-07-15T13:33:27-04:00

Statement from HMA Board President and Board Member

TRYING TIMES To put it simplistically, these are trying times. We were already dealing, physically and emotionally, with a global pandemic that’s claimed more than 105,000 lives in the United States, and more than 375,000 lives around the world.  It’s upended life as we know it and thrown so many of us into grief. Now [...]

Statement from HMA Board President and Board Member2020-06-09T09:18:34-04:00

Reopening our Houses of Worship – A Health Ministry Response

Many of us have been challenged to meet ministry needs during the COVID 19 pandemic. These challenges have provided new opportunities to do ministry, to creatively maintain connections, to seek resources to meet emerging needs. We are now in another place of transition, that of reopening our places of worship. It is another opportunity to [...]

Reopening our Houses of Worship – A Health Ministry Response2020-05-26T10:34:23-04:00

Executive Directors Message May 2020

Dear friends, As we have been sheltering in place to keep ourselves, our loved ones and our communities safe, we may have found ourselves with a bit more time to think. I have found myself thinking a lot about what I would like do to make sure this time is not wasted; that it is [...]

Executive Directors Message May 20202020-05-13T11:17:19-04:00

Executive Directors Message March 2020

Years ago, I read the book, The Art of Racing in the Rain, by Garth Stein, which was recently turned into a movie. It is a beautiful story about a family coping with crisis, narrated by the family dog, Enzo. Enzo has an old soul and teaches us a lot about being human. One of [...]

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Contagious Living

by Guest Blogger Marilyn Harris, MSN, RN, NEA-BC, FAAN Psalm 42:5 Why are you cast down, O my soul? And why are you disquieted within me? Hope in God, for I shall yet praise Him for the help of His continence. I have numerous daily devotional books on my bookshelf that I read on a periodic [...]

Contagious Living2020-05-07T11:47:36-04:00

Setting Boundaries in Ministry

by Guest Blogger Sharon Becker, RN: While on a call today with a church friend it occurred to me that people often have trouble setting boundaries to maintain their personal health and well being. My friend shared that one fellow congregant really brought her down during their conversations. The woman has considerable physical and mental [...]

Setting Boundaries in Ministry2020-05-07T11:45:44-04:00

HMA and the 2020 U.S. Census

 Amidst all the stressors of the COVID-19 pandemic, the US 2020 Census is still happening. This is an opportunity for individuals to be counted. Why is this important to health ministry? Data obtained from the census will make a difference in funding for many areas that impact the health of our communities. From The [...]

HMA and the 2020 U.S. Census2020-04-20T08:50:39-04:00

A Message from our Executive Director

UPDATE: 5/26/2020 - There are glimmers of hope that the pandemic is being controlled. We are seeing some non-essential small businesses open, with new parameters, more test sites available and numbers of death per day going down. As we settle into the new norm Covid-19 has created for us, it’s time to think about what [...]

A Message from our Executive Director2020-05-26T16:31:19-04:00
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