An Exciting Announcement from our Executive Director

One of my favorite poets, Maya Angelou said, “As you grow older you will discover that you have two hands, one for helping yourself, the other for helping others.” This quote on self-care could not be more simply put. We are in the business of tending to others, this is our job, our calling, our [...]

An Exciting Announcement from our Executive Director2020-09-01T13:54:42-04:00

Stay Healthy Mentally During a Pandemic

By Guest Vloger Denise Viker, BSN, RN, HMA Vice-President Join our own Denise Viker as she shares ideas on how to Stay Healthy Mentally During a Pandemic.

Stay Healthy Mentally During a Pandemic2020-08-21T09:27:41-04:00

“The Buddy System”

by Julie Ruchniewicz, BSN, RN, HMA Executive Director Back in March when it became painfully evident that life was going to be different from now on, there was much brainstorming. I knew that my ministry was going to have to adapt quickly. The Buddy System was created and put in to place. We thought of [...]

“The Buddy System”2020-08-12T15:33:17-04:00

Adapting to A COVID-19 Era

By Guest Blogger Helen Bhagwandin During this most unprecedented time of our lives, I know many of us have done things we did not think we would be doing. Well, it was the second Sunday of Lent after an evening Lenten service when I found out that we might have a positive COVID-19 case in [...]

Adapting to A COVID-19 Era2020-07-22T11:39:02-04:00


By Guest Blogger Ruth Syre, MSN, RN-BC Faith Community Nurse  This piece was originally written as an online devotion for the church I belong to and serve as a Faith Community Nurse: Winter Park Presbyterian, Wilmington, NC. We began sharing online devotions early on in the pandemic, as we were forced to find alternative ways [...]


Executive Directors Message July 2020

By now you have been inundated with messages on the virus, how many tested, how many deaths, possible vaccines, phases of reopening and how this will affect our lives going forward. You have listened to the news on racial tensions, police brutality, looting and violence. All valid and extremely important information. However, sometimes I find [...]

Executive Directors Message July 20202020-07-15T13:30:58-04:00

Planning For End-Of-Life . . .

To all of my HMA friends, no matter your age, please take the time to read this article linked below. Not the easiest topic, but timely. When we are hearing the deaths from COVID, these numbers are translated to lives. People. Family members. NOW is the time to pull out your advanced directives and read [...]

Planning For End-Of-Life . . .2020-08-21T09:30:25-04:00

President’s Message July 2020

PIECES OF PEACE In these confusing, painful, anxious times… a few nuggets of peace to nourish the faith, joy, and beauty within…. Peace, Shalom, Sala’am, Rev. Karen MacDonald, M.Div. President, Health Ministries Association May the Creator give you eyes to see the new creation springing forth— May Christ give you ears to hear the laughter of [...]

President’s Message July 20202020-08-21T09:29:22-04:00

HMA Wants to Serve You Better!

Hi to all, I hope this note finds you and your families healthy and safe. We are most certainly living in uncertain times and need the expertise of health ministers now more than ever. Our roles will be vital to the healing of body, mind and spirit, going forward. We may feel vulnerable in a [...]

HMA Wants to Serve You Better!2020-07-15T13:33:27-04:00

Statement from HMA Board President and Board Member

TRYING TIMES To put it simplistically, these are trying times. We were already dealing, physically and emotionally, with a global pandemic that’s claimed more than 105,000 lives in the United States, and more than 375,000 lives around the world.  It’s upended life as we know it and thrown so many of us into grief. Now [...]

Statement from HMA Board President and Board Member2020-06-09T09:18:34-04:00
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