What is HMA?

A convergence of health promotion and religious beliefs.

The Health Ministries Association (HMA) encourages, supports and empowers leaders who integrate faith with the promotion of health and wholeness in local communities.

Our membership is made up of health ministers, faith community nurses, clergy, chaplains, faculty, and program leaders who have developed and provide health ministries in diverse faith communities. . . . read more . . .

People of Faith Working Together for Healthier Communities.

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You, as a Health Ministries Association member, are the first to appreciate and comment on the Faith Community Nursing Scopes and Standards Revision 2024 4th edition. You will have one week to share your remarks, in this capacity, then the document will go out for public commentary for 30 days.

Thank you, in advance, for sharing your expertise.

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HMA Update June 23, 2023

It was sunny and 70 degrees in Egypt. A warm breeze swept the dry sand, as the day melted into evening with the glow of a tangerine and vermillion sunset outside our window. In March of 2022, I zoomed our initial Work Group meeting from Cairo, an eight hours’ time difference away from Chicago. The Faith Community Nurses (FCN) in the Preliminary Work Group already spanned the continental US from Boise, Idaho to Pittsburgh, PA. Adding Eastern European Time (EET) to the mix increased the complexity of scheduling convenient work times.

It’s hard to believe that 15 months have passed since we began revising the Faith Community Nurse (FCN) Scope and standards of Practice (SSP) to align with the ANA revisions, and there is much work ahead of us still. Then, as now, we are mindful of the richness of the process because of the intentional inclusion of experts in FCN from far flung geographical locations, religions and ethnicities.

As a reflection of the cataclysmic changes generated by the COVID-19 pandemic, there is much content to revise and to expand upon this time around, as the sands of community health shift beneath our sandaled feet.

The dedication and professionalism that the Work Group members bring to the table is remarkable. We meet for an hour and a half every first and third Wednesday of the month, in addition to smaller subgroup meetings in between, to prepare recommendations for revision, section by section. To date, the Work Group members have accumulated over 388.5 “woman hours” towards the success of this project. If each FCN made $45.00/hour, that would translate to $18,405.00 prospective dollars; a commendable contribution to the advancement of the profession and to the specialty practice of FCN.

As we push forward on our timeline, I am mindful of the two halves of faith in Islam: sabr(patience) and shukr(gratitude). The Arabic word sabr translates into English as patience, but with deeper nuance. Sabr implies being unwavering and adhering to our faith despite hardship. The FCNs on the Work Group consistently exhibit these qualities in addition to professionalism, resilience, authentic curiosity and the ability to discuss ideas respectfully and to listen to the opinions of others with an open mind.

I look forward to every zoom with these remarkable women I can now claim as friends. I learn something new at every meeting, and walk away after each meeting inspired and energized. I have a renewed sense of confidence in the increasingly diverse cohort of US nurses, all members of the most trusted profession again this year, according to the Pew Research group. In the spirit of our FCN friend, Joyce Rupp, “My cup is full!”

A belated Happy Nurses Day to everyone, and with shukr for my beautiful colleagues on the FCN SSP Work Group, I can say from my heart, that it’s a pleasure working with you’all! ‘Keep up the good work! 😀

  • Amy Armanious
  • Helen Bhagwandin
  • Deb Fell-Carlson
  • Pam Hurley
  • Cari J Moodie
  • Deborah Ringen
  • Julie Ruchniewicz
  • Sheryl Shantz
  • Denise Viker

Respectfully submitted,
Nancy Romanchek, MPH, BSN, RN, CHPN
Lead Editor, FCN SSP Work Group

American-Muslim Faith Community Nurse



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