William’s Wishes seeks to seed the development of new faith-based Health Ministries and Parish Nurse programs, and to provide sustainability for those faith-based Health Ministries and Parish Nurse programs who are desirous of expanding the scope of their ministries. Through this mission, William’s Wishes hopes to increase the number of individuals who receive the benefits of such programs and experience wholeness in mind, body, and spirit even when a cure may not be available.

William’s Wishes was founded in 2014 as a legacy to a parishioner who was supported and nurtured within his congregation by a Health Ministry and their Parish Nurse. William spoke loudly about the compassionate, supportive care he received. It is their hope that, through the granting of funds via their Hand of Health Grants, William’s Wishes will enable others to provide this same kind of care to others. Hands of Health Grants are one-time, matching grants of $500 – $1000 offered to faith-based, non-profit organizations who are either starting new Health Ministries and/or Parish Nurse programs, or are needing funds to sustain a project within already-established Health Ministries and/or Parish Nurse programs. Only four grants are awarded annually. The congregation or organization requesting funding must agree to match a sum equal to the amount of the grant.

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