Region IX Women’s Health Webinar Series (all welcome to attend)

Diversity in Clinical Trials – Is it a Life or Death Matter on July 20, 2017, 2:00 – 2:30 pm, PT

You probably know that there are well-established disparities in incidences of disease between the sexes and among racial or ethnic groups. But did you know that females have been found to have a greater risk for developing an adverse drug reaction? Or that some drugs have been taken off the market because of sex-based adverse events? Did you know that a number of studies have found variations in drug metabolism and toxicity in racial and ethnic minorities? Were you aware that only 33% of the participants in cardiovascular device trials are female? Or that the clinical trial participation statistics are worse for minorities: 5% African American and 1% Hispanic? Inclusion of statistically meaningful numbers of women and ethnic minorities is critical to the development of treatment options with the most potential for success. Join us for this webinar on the FDA’s Diverse Women in Clinical Trials Campaign and learn more.
Speaker: Mary Ellen Taylor, Food & Drug Administration
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Source: Region IX Women’s Health Webinar Series