By Guest Vloger Deborah Dixson, BSN, RN-BC

As a young woman approaching adulthood, my life began to blossom in so many directions. I am the oldest child of 4 children. In the 3rd grade I knew that I wanted to become a nurse. While in high school I became a Candy Striper at Pontiac General Hospital, in Pontiac, Michigan, the city where I grew up. In my senior year of high school, I received a scholarship to attend Grace School of Nursing, located in Detroit, Michigan. Within six months, July 17,1966 I met a very nice young man. We became great friends over the summer as I began my senior year in high school. After graduation he asked me to marry him. Consequently, I said yes! Kenneth Dixson and I were married, Saturday, October 21,1967.

Whatever happened to your scholarship and your admission to Grace School of Nursing? Something so beautiful followed. I contacted the school and expressed to them that I would not be attending the school, and that I was thankful and very appreciative for the scholarship that had been awarded to me. I later learned that through Pontiac Central high school and Pontiac General Hospital there was a scholarship available for a student interested in attending Nursing School at Oakland Community College. I applied for the scholarship and was awarded the scholarship. For the first three years of our marriage, I was a fulltime nursing student. I enjoyed my training and the opportunity to immerse myself into my nursing career. What an opportunity to grow, to enhance my life while learning and being exposed to the world of medicine and nursing.

During the summer of 1975 I returned to college attending Madonna University to complete my Bachelors of Science in Nursing. What a great decision. I graduated May 5, 1979 with my BSN. March 2015 I was awarded my Board Certification in Faith Community Nursing by the American Nursing Credentialing Center. In addition, May 2016, I was Inducted into the Faith Community Nursing Society.

Consequently, it has been 50 years that I have been in nursing. What remarkable experiences I have been exposed to and have enjoyed. I have had elaborate opportunities to work as a Public Health Nurse in the community and as a Faith Community Nurse which have been very rewarding. My work in the community has afforded me to be enriched by meeting many people and having many opportunities to grow as an individual.

In addition, When I look over my life, I am grateful to God for entrusting me with his precious promises and allowing me to serve as a light to help others. How blessed I am!

 I am currently serving on the Executive Board of the Health Ministry Association as Treasurer. However, through this I am learning and growing in new experiences. We have 3 Adult children and eight grandchildren. As I continue to grow on my journey in life, I am grateful for the generosity of those who have poured into my life.

Deborah Dixson, BSN, RN-BC
Faith Community Nursing
Health Ministry Association Treasurer