Check out this recent information sent to us by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation:

For too long, the health of our nation has rested solely on the shoulders of those working in the health care system. By recruiting people from an array of disciplines and fields—from food systems to transportation and more—to our leadership development programs, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation is drawing together a diverse cadre of change agents dedicated to working across sectors to address health inequities. This month, the Foundation welcomes a new class of participants to these programs.

One of our new Clinical Scholars teams is addressing the third highest cause of hospitalization and a primary cause of school absenteeism for children: asthma. In the city of Baltimore, the impacts of childhood asthma are especially felt along racial and socioeconomic lines, with over 25% chronic absenteeism among children living within city limits. The team, comprised of a pediatrician, a medical director, and a community health nurse, is taking an interdisciplinary approach to removing barriers to care by creating a system in schools that administers asthma medication to students under direct observation. Administering asthma medication in this way has been proven to significantly reduce asthma symptoms and increase school attendance.

To learn more, we invite you to read and share this blog post from RWJF managing director Kay Felix, explaining why cross-sector collaboration and diverse leadership is so crucial to building a Culture of Health. And check out the individual program sites to get inspired by the next generation of health leaders: