Are you a mid-career healthcare provider working to advance health? 


  • having learning resources at your fingertips
  • having an EXECUTIVE COACH for 3 years!
  • having $35K to support your learning (from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation)
  • applying that learning to solving a real-world problem in your own community
  • benefitting from a “deep dive”  in the areas of health equity and health disparities

CLINICAL SCHOLARS is accepting applications now through March 14th!

The RWJF Clinical Scholars Program is a national leadership program for teams of active health care providers. Team members are licensed teams of mid-career providers with 5+ years clinical experience from health fields such as allied health, dentistry, nursing, medicine, social work, and/or veterinary medicine. Teams receive 3 years of program funding and executive coaching and leadership training to address a complex health issue in their community. Providers serving anywhere in the US or US Territories are eligible for our program.  We want applications from other providers in your area.

  • View an archived applicant webinar HERE.
  • Start your application today at  
  • See more details on the program components and current projects at
  • Join our live twitter chat Q&A with Clinical Scholar Directors on 2/14 at 12:30pm EST @CSP_UNC

Contact Melissa Green, Deputy Director for Recruitment and Communications with questions

Not a clinician?  View details on RWJF leadership programs for community leaders, doctoral students, and researchers at

Clinical Scholars is a program of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation     

For additional information on the Clinical Scholars Program, click here!