Faith community nursing is dynamic; it reflects emerging nursing practice and healthcare trends. The Faith Community Nursing Scope of Practice, 2nd edition, 2012 provides the current competencies in this nursing specialty. Note: The 2012 document is currently under revision by HMA and ANA, with the 3rd edition coming soon!

Recent efforts by ANCC and HMA toward certification in faith community nursing is a celebrated milestone in a long-intended effort. Certification of individual FCNs provides formal recognition of their expertise and skills to peers, health and faith-based colleagues, and the healthcare consumers they serve. Nurses in this specialty are called upon to share information about this process or direct inquirers to those who can respond with accurate information.

Please contact HMA if you are seeking more information or clarification about faith community nursing standards or certification.

Faith Community Nursing Certification

By Nancy Durbin, MS, BSN, RN-BC Faith Community Nurse and Alyson Breisch, RN, MSN, Faith Community Nurse

Friday, August 29, 2014, the ANCC officially launched the certification through portfolio for Faith Community Nursing.  The “Apply Online” link to the online portfolio application system on the ANCC specialty webpage for FAITH COMMUNITY NURSING was fully activated and is now ready to accept applications.

HMA is most grateful to the ANCC and all who have contributed to this process and achieving this milestone.  Here are some additional resources about certification:

Read this recent article provided to HMA by ANCC Director, Certification Services, Marianne Horahan, MBA, MPH, RN, NEA-BC, CPHQ – A Committment to Lifelong Learning ANCC Article March 2017.

Watch this short video – ANCC Certification Through Portfoliocreated by ANCC.

For further information go to the ANCC website and check the details:

Do you need ANCC FCN Certification information for your next event – go to the ANCC print on demand page , put ‘faith community nursing’ in the search box at the top left, then scroll down to the document called Elit Faith Community Nursing Information, download and print for FREE!

Faith Community Nursing Society

In an effort to identify and recognize HMA faith community nurses who have achieved certification through ANCC in Health Ministries Associations, has developed the Faith Community Nursing Society.

Statement of Purpose
Faith Community Nurses who have achieved certification in the professional nursing specialty of faith community nursing through ANCC and meet the membership criteria are invited to complete an on-line application found on the HMA Members Only section.  If you have achieved this and are an active member of HMA, please log into the member’s section and complete the application.

For more information on the Faith Community Nursing Society, please contact Helen Bhagwandin, Faith Community Nursing Society Chair.

Welcome New Faith Community Nursing Society Members!

Faith Community Nurse Mentor Program

HMA recognizes that many FCN begin their role as a lone practitioner without the benefit of a health system or network or provide them a nurturing environment for growth and development both spiritually and professionally.

Upon completion of a Foundational FCN Curriculum, the novice FCN needs guidance and support in order to establish and sustain a successful professional practice.

The HMA FCN Mentor Program has been established to link the novice FCN with an experienced HMA FCN leader in order to facilitate the sharing of knowledge, experiences and wisdom and to encourage growth and achievement by providing an open and supportive environment.  We invite you to consider being a part of this exciting program.

Requirements to participate:

  • Recently completed a Foundational FCN course
  • Membership in HMA
  • Seeking support and guidance in your new FCN practice
  • Willing to commit to a one year relationship with an experienced FCN who will work collaboratively with you in your FCN practice development

For more information please contact: Nancy Durbin

Information for FCN Foundational Curricula Educators

Are you teaching a Faith Community Nursing Foundations Course?  Download the HMA Presentation (PowerPoint) or HMA Presentation (pdf) to use during your course.