Keeping Us Safe has a great article on preventing parking lot accidents with older drivers.

“Parking lot crashes involving older drivers can be caused by any number of contributing factor(s), including but not limited to driver inattention, distractions from either inside or outside of the vehicle, declining muscle mass, medication issues, pedal misapplication and mental fitness.

To complicate any one of those contributing factors, simply add declines in cognition, medical emergencies, pre-existing medical conditions, declining vision, fatigue, poor flexibility, unfamiliarity with the vehicle, improper seat or mirror positioning, improper blood sugar levels, or in some very rare cases…just plain carelessness.

In no way is this article meant to be an assault against older drivers.  Make no mistake about it; the phenomenon of parking lot crashes is not unique to older drivers.  The problem is that older drivers are modestly over-represented in parking lot tragedies.

Parking lots can often be places of chaos, confusion and, occasionally, tragedy.  Although complex in nature, there are some common factors that consistently show themselves in these types of crashes.  Let’s take a quick look at four reasons these tragedies occur and why older drivers are involved in so many parking lot crashes…”

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