New Year, New Commitment
Denise Viker, BSN, RN – Denise Viker
President of Health Ministries Association Board of Directors

There is so much going on in the world, yet it is hard to know what to say. We stand with those who are under attack in their home country of Ukraine and with those who have fled seeking safety. We stand with nurse RaDonda Vaught, who mistakenly administered the wrong medication to a patient which led to the patient’s death and her criminal conviction. We stand with those who have been hurt by individual or systemic racism. We stand with those who live in fear of how they will provide for their families in an uncertain economy. 

When I feel burdened by the troubles in the world, I try to find a story of joy to remind me that there is also a lot of good to see. Follow this link to watch a video about a 6th grader who saved TWO lives in one day. God is present in both the tragedies and joys of life. We can trust that even when we don’t see the answers, God already does. 

We are in a season where there is a lot going on in HMA. We are saying goodbye to our office manager, Kristina Heaton as she transitions to new opportunities. I am very appreciative of all she has done for our organization, especially her work with our website and our virtual conference. We have redefined the job description to include these new responsibilities and now refer to the position as a communications specialist. Please pray for us as we interview candidates for the position. 

We are planning our virtual conference, scheduled for October 18th, 20th, 25th and 27th. We are finalizing keynote speakers and considering others who have important information to share. We are beginning work on the revisions for the Scope and Standards of Faith Community Nursing under the guidance of our lead editor, Nancy Romanchek. We are convening regional meetings to bring HMA closer to smaller groups of members. We are reaching out with additional opportunities to participate in racial healing circles. We are actively seeking a nominating committee and future board members. We are searching for ways to do all this work with a deficit budget. So, please pray for us to have wisdom and guidance. 

We are keeping an attitude of gratitude and joy, knowing that HMA seeks to do the work of God in the world. God is present with us now and will lead us boldly into the future.