Denise Viker, BSN, RN – Denise Viker
President of Health Ministries Association Board of Directors

An especially important part of Health Ministry Association is our communication with each other. One of the reasons I serve on the board is my firm belief that we do our best when we are engaged in honest, open discussions. Jen Hall submitted her resignation of her position as Director for Public Relations which has left an opening on the board. I have been praying for guidance as we search for a member with good communication skills who is interested in using those skills in service on the board. Are you feeling the call to serve? Please reach out to Julie Ruchniewicz or me if you would like to discuss the open position. 

An organization needs resources to support their mission. The board has been working on the budget and we have some information to communicate with you all. HMA has been operating in a deficit. Simply stated, we are spending more money than we are bringing into the organization. We are working to balance the budget and are not at a crisis point currently. I want to share some important points that impact our bottom line:

  •  Julie and others completed the paperwork to obtain payroll protection and other money during this pandemic, following all government processes.
  • Cancelling the 2020 conference meant that we had no income from that source. The board and conference planner worked diligently to pivot to a virtual conference for 2021. We decided on a reasonably priced platform to present the conference. We did our research and determined a fee structure to encourage participation in this new format. Our conference speakers are giving generously to our organization with minimal compensation. We are actively seeking conference sponsorships to help offset expenses. We are promoting our conference to a wide audience, who can benefit from attending from anywhere in the world!
  • We have rigorously evaluated our expenses and decreased spending wherever possible.
  • We have looked at ways to increase membership.
  • We have begun charging small fees for participation in some of our ZOOMINAR sessions.
  • We have asked lifetime members to consider donations in lieu of the money they would have spent on dues for the year.
  • We acknowledge the value that volunteers provide to our organization in the time that they donate to our mission.

Every time we discuss the budget, my closing words are that this is God’s organization, and we exist to do the work that is necessary to fulfill God’s purpose. All gifts are from God, and I confidently declare that we will receive what we need.

I wanted to openly communicate with you and will keep you apprised as we move forward,

Denise Viker
President HMA