Leadership in a Time of Pandemic 
Denise Viker, BSN, RN – Denise Viker

Before being elected to the Board of HMA, I said that I wanted to see the organization become more innovative in working with our membership. Well, 2020 certainly granted that opportunity with our pivot to Zoominars and a virtual annual meeting.
Kaul, Shah, and El-Serong in Gastroenterology, September 2020, summarize principles of effective leadership in a crisis as communication, realism, decision making, core values, innovation, and humanism. My intention as president during this time of pandemic is to provide clear communication around what is happening with our organization. I will be realistic about our challenges but will also remind us of our mission and core values.
HMA is a group of dedicated people who seek to impact faith and health. Our new board has visions of engaging members to come together to share ideas, resources, and support for coping with this pandemic while improving wellness in our communities. These times require innovation in our approach. We will make the best decisions possible with the information we have at hand. Last fall, we decided to have our 2021 conference virtually, a first for HMA. This format will provide different opportunities to interact with our speakers and members.
We have challenged our organization to connect in new ways throughout the year. With ZOOM technology, we can have discussions across the country without leaving home. My hope is that you will sign on to our Racism and Health Matters webinar this January, our Coffee and Conversation gatherings, and other virtual sessions. I believe we could listen and learn from each other. Our membership is a wealth of experience and has great ideas. Let’s interact with each other and build collaborative relationships.
Our organization will only be as healthy and strong as our members. We invested in HMA for a reason. Let’s look to each other for information and care of our spirits. Let’s walk together through these times, supporting and empowering each other as we lead our communities into wellness.