To all of my HMA friends, no matter your age, please take the time to read this article linked below. Not the easiest topic, but timely. When we are hearing the deaths from COVID, these numbers are translated to lives. People. Family members.
NOW is the time to pull out your advanced directives and read what yours contains. Has it been awhile since you completed it? Have you changed your mind about anything? Has COVID heightened your awareness about ventilators and what your choice may be. NOW is the time to have that difficult conversation.
None of us know what tomorrow, next week or next month will bring. Give this gift to those you love, making sure you are clear and confident in your end of life desires. Take the initiative to write in specifics, beyond checking the box, to make your choices clear. I like the idea this article presents of having a person outside of your “inner circle” as a healthcare advocate. It makes sense in our new COVID normal.
Peace, Marlene