Check out these great resources on glaucoma, senior eye health and more that you can use in your next bulletin or newsletter article.

  • 7 Risk Factors for Glaucoma: Dr. David Ardaya, O.D., California Optometric Association, shares the following article on glaucoma – a leading cause of blindness in the United States. – A Place for Mom, Inc.
  • Senior Eye Health: Thanks to greater senior eye health awareness and new screening and surgical techniques, debilitating vision problems like cataracts are on the decline in older Americans. – A Place for Mom, Inc.
  • How Diet and Nutrition Are Keys to Healthy Eyes: Learn more about the connection between nutrition and eye health from optometry expert and media spokes-doctor for the California Optometric Association, Dr. David Ardaya. – A Place for Mom, Inc.
  • Is Ignoring Your Eye Health More Harmful Thank Being Overweight?: Don’t turn a blind eye to your loved ones’ visual health – failing eyesight contributes to falls and injuries, but you can help prevent senior eye problems. – A Place for Mom, Inc.
  • More Great Information on Eye Health – Check out the American Academy of Opthalmology for additional information!