In November the Academic Journal of Pediatrics and Neonatology examined maternal use of marijuana during pregnancy and lactation. This mini review reported research documenting the effects of marijuana use during pregnancy on brain development.

This article highlights research findings and gives recommendations for health and education professionals.

Here are a few highlights:

  • “The concentrations of cannabis and its metabolites can be several times higher in fetal tissue than in the maternal plasma depending on the potency, duration, and method of maternal cannabis consumption.”
  • “Cannabis use during pregnancy has the potential to affect fetal development.”
  • “Prenatal marijuana exposure has been associated with decreased intellectual development among 4-6 year olds, increased depressive symptoms among 10 year olds, and reduced academic performance and executive function among adolescents. “
  • “Among risk factors for child neglect, family substance abuse was the strongest predictor of child neglect. Accidental ingestion of marijuana products has been shown to endanger children and greater awareness of the need to test children for THC will be necessary where there is greater access to marijuana and derivative products.”
  • “Marijuana use during breastfeeding has been associated with delayed infant motor development at one year.


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