HHS Live Stream Recording – Opioids: Recovery, Prevention & Hope, National Experts Equip Faith and Community Leaders.

The HHS Partnership Center convened national experts to talk about the opioid epidemic and other addictions to raise awareness, encourage compassion, reinforce the role of community and families in long-term recovery and prevention, and make a call to action. Here is a link to watch the recording of the live stream event. Please help us spread awareness by sharing this information with your community and feel free to use the following language on social media:

Hope In Action: An Overview of the Practical Toolkit for Faith and Community Leaders in the Face of the Opioid Epidemic.

This webinar reviewed the six different strategies outlined in the Partnership Center’s Practical Toolkit, which helps faith and community leaders support prevention efforts, reduce risk and provide support to those in and seeking recovery. Our goal is to support your community’s efforts in ushering in a culture of compassion toward those struggling with addiction and its often severe consequences. If your community is interested in saving lives and preventing future generations from harm, we encourage you to register, then listen to the recording and join the discussion!