Research shows that exercise and physical activity has a variety of physical, emotional, and mental benefits for older people, including for seniors living with chronic health conditions. Yet, only 36% of older Americans meet the 2008 Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans that call for aerobic activity (150 minutes of moderate intensity) and muscle strengthening (2 or more days) each week.

You can help adults age 50+ to fit exercise and physical activity into their daily lives with Go4Life, a campaign from the National Institute on Aging at NIH. The campaign, launched in October 2011 on Capitol Hill, uses a variety of approaches to motivate older adults who traditionally have not embraced exercise.
Visit the Go4Life interactive website for free informational tip sheets, goal-setting and tracking tools, and sample exercises to help everyone, even those with physical limitations, to be able to exercise safely. The website also features motivational e-cards and virtual coaches; promotional materials; an award-winning exercise guide in English and Spanish; and a Workout-to-Go booklet that is available in print, as well as an e-book. All information is evidence-based, informed by research in older adults and experts in the fields of exercise and aging.

Partners in the community and nationwide are critical to encouraging older adults to become more active. In addition to sharing Go4Life materials with the people you serve, you can get involved with the campaign by following @NIAGo4Life on twitter, signing up for bimonthly exercise e-alerts, and becoming a Go4Life partner.

Go4Life will also host its second annual Go4Life Month in September 2016, which is an opportunity for individuals and groups to highlight Go4Life and ramp up outreach efforts. The theme for this year’s month is #Fit4Function, focusing on the real-life benefits of exercise and physical activity.