By Guest Blogger Ruth Syre, MSN, RN-BC
Faith Community Nurse

As the vaccine roll out begins, I want to share my story. I am a study participant in the Pfizer vaccine trial.

I had two shots, three weeks apart. I do not know if I had a placebo or the real thing. The first shot caused some soreness in my arm, just like a flu shot. Twelve hours after the second shot I developed a low-grade fever (99.9) that lasted 24 hours, even with Tylenol. I felt a little puny, but no other reaction. I expect I received the real vaccine, but am just as cautious as if I didn’t. I am sharing this in the hope that you will get the vaccine when it is available to you. I believe in the science of immunization. I thought it might be helpful to share my experience.

I posted the above on my Facebook page and have received a lot of feedback. I think it may be helpful to share personal stories to help diminish vaccine hesitancy, especially with the new COVID vaccine. I did not enter into this trial lightly. I did a lot of research. The consent form itself was 41 pages! The commitment was initially for two years, but the timeframe may be altered. I will be told my results at the end of the study. I will seek guidance about receiving a vaccine when it becomes available to the public, as this would alter my status as a study participant.

Sometimes, the opportunities to serve as a Faith Community Nurse come in surprising places! I hope to always be open to serving however I can!