Presidents Message

President’s Message – Winter 2015

Make This Your Year To Connect Health Ministries Association is an organization about people, about relationships. Our mission to equip health ministry leaders is essential to the future as the health ministries membership organization. HMA's goal is to build groups of health ministry leaders who have purposeful, practical conversations about issues in health ministries. I [...]

President’s Message April 2013

Spring Has Sprung... Spring has a way of sneaking up on us - it is only with the arrival of the crocus's first green shoots that we realize winter has faded and it is time to get excited about the many rites of spring. I don't know what the weather's like where you live, but [...]

President’s Message February 2013

"And now let us believe in a long year that is given to us, new, untouched, full of things that have never been." --Rainer Maria Rilke I am always excited about the ball dropping in Times Square on New Years' eve. Not only does it symbolize the end of a year, it also launches a [...]

President’s Message November 2012

Health Ministries: A Practice Which Stands on Holy Ground Marlene Feagan What exactly does it mean to stand on holy ground? When those who practice in Health Ministries stand before their parishioners/patients they are standing on holy ground; they are a caring presence to their pain, fear, loneliness and despair. The intimacy of their life's' [...]

President’s Message July 2012

Interfaith Worship There are two approaches to interfaith worship: (1) avoid mentioning anything unique to his or her religion for fear of offending others. (2) Recognize that different religions are represented and each participant is encouraged to speak clearly and frankly from the perspective of and in the language of his or her own faith [...]