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President’s Message September 2020

Autumn Approaches As autumn approaches in this long, hard year, perhaps we look forward to new things. The beauty of trees full of colorful leaves, for example. Or here in the desert Southwest, we hope for an end to our long, very hot and dry summer. Or maybe new or renewed programs in your health [...]

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President’s Message July 2020

PIECES OF PEACE In these confusing, painful, anxious times… a few nuggets of peace to nourish the faith, joy, and beauty within…. Peace, Shalom, Sala’am, Rev. Karen MacDonald, M.Div. President, Health Ministries Association May the Creator give you eyes to see the new creation springing forth— May Christ give you ears to hear the laughter of [...]

President’s Message July 20202020-08-21T09:29:22-04:00

Statement from HMA Board President and Board Member

TRYING TIMES To put it simplistically, these are trying times. We were already dealing, physically and emotionally, with a global pandemic that’s claimed more than 105,000 lives in the United States, and more than 375,000 lives around the world.  It’s upended life as we know it and thrown so many of us into grief. Now [...]

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President’s Message May 2020

STAY THE COURSE AND FIND NEW COURSES Friends, I pray this HMA Today reaches you in good health and good spirits as you offer your vital health ministry in the continuing global pandemic that’s touching each of us locally and individually.  Your presence and guidance grounded in faith, helping to ground those you serve in [...]

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President’s Message March 2020

Uncertain Times When I went to my local hardware store the other day, a hand-written sign on the entrance door announced, “We’re sold out of masks.  Sorry for the inconvenience.”  As I checked out with my item, the store manager said that customers had bought out the masks for fear of the coronavirus.  Now, construction [...]

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President’s Message January 2020

New Year Every morning after I get out of bed and feed the cats who are clamoring for breakfast, I step outside.  Whatever the conditions—cold, warm, dark, sunny, cloudy, rainy, clear—a few moments out in the new morning wakes my mind and centers my spirit.  The Sun is still burning, the Earth is still turning, [...]

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President’s Message – November 2019

“Faith Based Approaches to Cultivate Healthier Communities”, HMA’s 30th anniversary conference and celebration, is a happy memory.  What an uplifting gathering of learning from each other and from guest speakers, of good food and fellowship, of singing and dancing (yes, there was a conga line jiving during the gala evening!), of prayer and meditation, of [...]

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Presidents Message – August 2019

Not so long ago I was writing a special letter to and on behalf of Health Ministries Association, expressing sorrow and encouragement after the mass shooting at the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh, PA. I’m compelled t‌oday to write another such letter, moved by grief, pain, and yes, anger. We have witnessed, or experienced, [...]

Presidents Message – August 20192019-08-09T17:17:32-04:00

Presidents Message –May/June 2019 HMA Today

The work we do in our health ministries, wherever we offer them, is rooted in relationships.  We connect with people whom we serve and help them connect their faith and their health. As we share information to help people make healthy choices, as we refer people to resources that can support their health, as we [...]

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Presidents Message March/April 2019 HMA Today

LIFE - AFFIRMING CONVERSATIONS Life is an astounding gift! Have you marveled at a sunset lately? Or been amazed that the sun still burns, giving us light and heat and energy? Or been wrapped in the arms of a loved one?  Or felt your spirit soar with magnificent music? Or given thanks for/to all who make [...]

Presidents Message March/April 2019 HMA Today2019-06-20T09:30:48-04:00
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