Executive Director’s Message – June 2021

by Julie Ruchniewicz, BSN, RN, Executive Director for HMA Spring has two things in common, spring cleaning and Nurses Week. The ritual of spring cleaning has been traced back to the Iranian Nowruz (the Persian new year) which falls on the first day of spring. It is traditional to clean the house thoroughly either right [...]

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Executive Director’s Message – April 2021

What will your Legacy be? Recently, our Treasurer, Deborah Dixson, shared a devotion in a meeting. In her message, she mentioned leaving behind values rather than valuables. I was so touched by that thought; it was one I had not heard before. So, to my daughter, I leave my sense of positivity, love, and resiliency. [...]

Executive Director’s Message – April 20212021-04-12T14:48:04-04:00

Executive Director’s Message – January 2021

As we embark on this new year, 2021, I personally have been almost desperately searching for details that speak to me. It might be the vision of an essential worker’s face etched with mask marks. It might be a story of courage from the trenches of the sick and suffering. It might even just be [...]

Executive Director’s Message – January 20212021-01-20T14:14:48-05:00

Executive Director’s Message – November 2020

A Gift from Mickey I appreciate that this year’s holidays are going to be very different than what we have experienced in the past. We are most certainly grieving the loss of familiar celebrations with family and friends all gathered in one space. My personal hope is to be mindful and pay attention. Maybe, just [...]

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Executive Directors Message September 2020

Labor Day was created to celebrate the workingmen and workingwomen of our country. It has traditionally been a day for rest and relaxation. It also seems to mark the “end of summer”. In the past kids were back in traditional school, fall schedules were being made and mumblings of “the holidays are just around the [...]

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An Exciting Announcement from our Executive Director

One of my favorite poets, Maya Angelou said, “As you grow older you will discover that you have two hands, one for helping yourself, the other for helping others.” This quote on self-care could not be more simply put. We are in the business of tending to others, this is our job, our calling, our [...]

An Exciting Announcement from our Executive Director2020-09-01T13:54:42-04:00

“The Buddy System”

by Julie Ruchniewicz, BSN, RN, HMA Executive Director Back in March when it became painfully evident that life was going to be different from now on, there was much brainstorming. I knew that my ministry was going to have to adapt quickly. The Buddy System was created and put in to place. We thought of [...]

“The Buddy System”2020-08-12T15:33:17-04:00
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