New Community Guide Cancer Fact Sheets

The Community Guide has posted two new What Works fact sheets that summarize the Community Preventive Services Task Force findings, and systematic reviews on which they are based, for cancer screening and skin cancer prevention. The fact sheets are in the public domain, so may be printed as presentation or exhibit handouts, attached to webinar materials, or linked to from slides and websites.

The Community Guide Announces Web Content Syndication Feature

Sure, you can link to The Community Guide from your website; however a new feature called content syndication lets you do much more. Content syndication allows you to post actual Community Guide content, such as the new cancer fact sheets, directly onto your website — and, once posted, this information is automatically updated each time The Community Guide makes changes! Content syndication ensures that your website displays the most current and accurate information about Community Preventive Services Task Force’s evidence-based findings for policies, programs, and services that promote population health. Go to to learn how to syndicate web content from The Community Guide.