by Annemarie Rogers Halfpap

I will begin by saying that my mother lived a very long and full life. She was born January 26, 1926 in Brighton, England. She lived through WWII, its aftermath and recovery. She was highly educated for a woman of the time, as a draftswoman, and later a drafting engineer.

My father was a minister, and the studies in religion intrigued her. In 1986 she was ordained, started her own church and wrote multiple books and articles. She was a real woman in her time. I say all this to clarify that although we miss her, at 94 years old it was her time.

After living independently until April 2019, my mother was living in a nursing home, and she hated it. She passed away April 15, 2020, of natural causes. But then what . . .

In April of this year we were knee-deep in learning how to live with COVID-19. The idea of having a funeral was an emphatic NO! So, we would wait a bit. But time went by and things were not getting any better. We are a techy bunch, so we knew we had to come up with a solution. This is what we did on September 19, 2020.

We gathered, my husband and I, four of her grandchildren, two with spouses, a wonderful great-grandson, and his great-aunt. My mother trained and ordained my son-in-law, so we had a minister in-house. We have a great back deck and yard. So, we decided to have a Memorial with just us, on the deck, Live on YouTube. Yes, on YouTube. It had its hiccups, as none of us had ever done anything on YouTube. But in the end, it went well. We were able to share with all her family and friends, all over the world. If it were not for technology, they would never have been a part of it. People across the USA, the UK, Australia and beyond. When I think back to what the world was like when she was born, back in 1926 – all I can say is WOW!