The Religion Member Interest Group of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (Academy)
in collaboration with Health Ministries Association
is pleased to invite you to attend this complimentary webinar.

(Registration is required, see below)

Health Ministry Teams, Faith Community Nurses and Nutrition Professionals:
Collaborating in Places of Worship

December 8, 2020  •   7-8pm EST

Speaker(s): Alyson Breisch, MSN, RN-BC and Mary Niester, MPH, RD

(Registration Deadline: December 7 at 5PM CT)


  • Objective 1: Provide an overview of health ministry/Faith Community Nursing
  • Objective 2: List 2 benefits of health ministry/Faith Community Nursing in a place of worship
  • Objective 3: Name 3 areas where a dietitian can be a valuable asset to a health ministry/Faith Community Nursing program
Performance Indicators

  • PI 1: 12.3 Develops a community and population health program or intervention to meet the needs of the community and/or population.
  • PI 2: 12.4 Implements community-based and population-based programs and/or interventions in collaboration with stakeholders.
  • PI 3: 1.3 Applies customer-centered principles in practice.

CPEU: 1.0 – for dieticians only
CPE Level: Level 1

Join HMA’s own Alison Breisch, MSN, RN-BC along with Mary Niester, MPH, RD as they explore the relationship between faith and health, especially how Registered Dietitians and other qualified nutrition professionals can be vital resources in a health ministry program. Click here to read more about the presentation and the speakers.

Alison Breisch, MSN, RN-BC Mary Niester, MPH, RD