Granger Westberg Leadership in Faith Community Nursing Award

Established in 2011 (first award was given at the National Meeting June 2012), this award recognizes an outstanding Faith Community Nurse who exemplifies faith community nursing and has achieved success in implementing a practice that is faith centered, community driven and wholistic in its approach toward health promotion, disease prevention and spiritually integrated.

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Awards Criteria

  • current member of HMA
  • positive image of faith community nursing
  • proactive response to health care needs of faith communities
  • resourcefulness and creative
  • leadership skills
  • effective use of practice
  • innovative teaching skills
  • professional competency
  • evidenced based practice

2015 Recipient

Lyn McIntyre, RN, Faith Community NurseLynpiccompressed

Lyn McIntyre serves as the Health Ministries Coordinator for the Immanuel United Methodist Church, Lakeside Park, KY. She has served in this role since 2000, having developed and implemented a wholistic wellness and prevention program in her faith community. The program grew and allowed members to see their church in a unique way – as a health place. Over the years Lyn has led programs from blood pressure screenings to flu vaccines. She serves by being a pastoral presence to both program volunteers and those she cares for.

The church extended their ministry vision to an urban setting in 2007 when the Sunday Night Live (SNL) program was born. It is a community of Christian fellowship. The homeless and underserved assemble for music, inspirational faith messages, a food pantry, innovative programs and a hot meal. The church soon recognized the need for health and wellness support for this severely underserved population and went to Lyn to ask for her assistance. Since 2007, Lyn has coordinated the SNL Health Ministries Program. She leads a team of committed nurses to provide health screenings, referrals, chronic disease management, and a pastoral presence of care and concern for each person. The compassionate care that this team of nurses provides is AMAZING! The underserved in the community have responded! They wait to be seen by one of the nurses who will listen to their story. Since it began they have seen over 5000 patients.

It is challenging to gather nurses to volunteer on Sunday evenings, but Lyn has accomplished this in innovative ways. She developed an orientation program for nurses with an emphasis on understanding poverty, expanding the knowledge needed to work with this complex population. She has recruited nurses from the community by linking to the hospital’s clinical ladder program and engaging volunteers from other churches to fill the roles. Lyn has also continued her nursing education and is always ready to share her knowledge by speaking to others about Faith Community Nursing. She completed a Faith Community Nursing Foundations course in 2010 and has encouraged nurses working with her to do the same.

Lyn leads this amazing ministry by example. When items are not available, she will figure out a way to get them. She led a successful fundraising project to purchase bus passes for those with medical appointments. She also maintains a large stock of personal care supplies from toilet paper to reading glasses to meet patient’s needs. In the winter, hats, gloves, sleeping bags and blankets are made available. These are items that make a huge difference and are often unattainable to this population.

This ministry has run successfully on passion and prayer. If it means washing feet, purchasing shoes, providing transportation or taking a patient to a physician visit– she walks with individuals on their journey. Patients LOVE her, and those who have the opportunity to work with her are awed by her spiritual leadership. She truly is her patients’ “church nurse”.

Lyn has allowed her passion for spirituality in nursing, her faith community and her community-at-large to be her energy. She has been “open to the call” and is a very deserving recipient of the Granger Westberg Leadership in Faith Community Nursing Award.

Previous Recipients

  • 2014, Cynthia E. Carroll, RN, Faith Community Nurse, 2014 National Conference, Hyattsville, MD
  • 2012, Mary Ann Stone, RN, Faith Community Nurse, 2012 National Conference, Nashville, TN